About Us

About Coventry Electrician

We want to provide our customers with services that we strive to carry out in an experienced and professional manner.

We offer our work to both domestic and commercial properties. Our job include:

We know the importance of safe working environment therefore, train our engineers to work professionally keeping the factor of safety and security on the top of the list.

Why choose us?

We are a forward thinking company and have grown within years. Our employees are fully qualified and insured. Following are some reasons that you should choose and contact us for your work:

  • Our engineers know their job and can handle all the electrical services according to your requirements.
  • Out staff is not only trained but they are well experienced and professional as well.
  • We value your time and act immediately on called for a query.
  • We make sure that all out tasks are carefully managed and completed in the provided time.
  • We use professional quality tools for the jobs.
  • We are here 24/7 to guide our customers on how to keep the safety standards maintained in their domestic and commercial properties.

Our team

We have a team of engineers who have specialized in commercial as well as domestic electrical work. Our employees are the greatest strength for our company. We train our engineers well and we conduct workshops for them every now and then. We want our team to grow and learn new techniques and technology. We use the latest technology and tools for our work.

We believe each job is unique and it should be handled with the right set of rules and regulations. We keep track records of your customers so that we can have a full history when you call you for a specific job. Our customers always come back to us if and when they have any kind of electrical work because they feel safe and know we are the reliable and right people for the job.

Our engineers are friendly and they will clean the work station before they leave your house. They are professional workers and know the importance of neat and tidy work.

Our Services

We offer all sort of electrical works for both domestic and commercial buildings including from maintenance to replacement, from heating to checking boilers, from checking ventilation to repairing services. We also do wiring and re-wiring for both partial and full areas, we do installations of appliances along with other electrical supplies. We also conduct full safety inspections and provide landlord certificates.

Your satisfaction is our main agenda and for that we follow the rules and regulations of safety and security and train our employees to provide you with a hazard free working environment. Our word is our agreement and only want to provide you with the best help regarding electrical and heating problems. So if you are looking for some help with electrical and heating problems, call us and we will guide and help you in the best possible ways.